Captain Kidd's Treasure

Come all ye prospectors and listen to me
A short simple story I’ll tell unto ye
Concerning two men who started to rove
And dig for Kidd’s treasure down in James Cove

They came from the old road and I know them quite well
It’s not my intention their names for to tell
With hatchets and hammers and some dynamite
They appeared on the scene to go digging by night

They hired George Foley’s dory to take them along
But when they arrived, the breeze was quite strong
They pulled up the dory in Tom Walsh’s bite
And sharpened their picks to go digging that night

They dug and they sang, and drank homebrew galore
They’d soon find that chest! Yes perhaps three or fou
They dug with a vim that would shame a wildcat
And all of a sudden they struck something flat

It was Captain Kidd’s treasure of that they were sure
They’d soon have it up and maybe a lot more
But when it was dug up each man had to stop
Instead of a chest it was a rusty piss pot

They took from Carrick for it was getting quite late
They pulled up the dory by Frank Whelan’s gate
They took to the road in such a great fright
And fled to the old road with all of their might

Now take my advice and go home with your picks
Or they will be stolen, and then you’ll be in a fix
Let the fairies all rest so that their spirits may rove
For there’s nothing but beach rocks down in James Cove.

                      --Author Unknown

In honor of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.