September 15, 2004

Brave little toaster for President!

I've never really been very active politically. Maybe it's West Wing, maybe it's the latest story on Bush's Holy War on Terror. Usually I vote just to negate my father's vote (I love you dad but...). I've been saying that I'd vote for a toaster to get Bush out of the white house. Up until now, that's been more of a half-serious joke. Today I read a friend's blog and got mad. Just how many people have to die? Americans aren't the only ones either. How many reporters have to be many civilian workers? How many times do we have to say "Oops! Sorry! My Bad! I thought that camera and microphone was a deadly weapon! Oh well!" It has to stop.

For the first time in my life, I gave my name, telephone number, and address to a political operative. I want Kerry's representatives to call me so I can say I support him. I became a volunteer. If you want to help out and if you want to be associated with me in the effort, visit my volunteer page.

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September 10, 2004

Ahh Capitalism

So, The Husband and I were driving in to work this morning and I pass something I usually pass every morning. A Semi presumably carring caskets, you know, what you lay in for eternity. I respect that we all (for the most part) are going to need one of those at the end of the proverbial road. I accept that someone has to provide them. The thing that gets me about this particular company is that they tried to make it commercial; more so that I think it should be. On the side of their trucks, they have a slogan: X Casket Company, Celebrating the Dignity of Life. That may or may not be true but each time I see that, my mind just adds on: Cashing in on the Inevitability of Death. Yes, it is a service that is needed, but don't try to sloganize it. Just deliver the darn things.

Different soap box...

I work at a university. Universities have certain....environment factors that make them what they are. I am speaking now of the holy of holies for those ladies (not all, I'll admit) coming to college to get their Mrs.. That would be, of course, the Sorority. Yesterday was apparently "Boobs Falling Out Skimpy Dress Day" not to be confused with Monday which is obviously "Boobs Falling Out Strappy Top Day". I refer to the phenomenon where members of a certain sorority all dress alike. I suppose it's so they get a warm fuzzy when they're walking to class and they see another chick wearing black pants and a pink top. I think it's so if they get lost, all they have to do is wander around looking for someone dressed like them and follow them. Eventually they'll get back to the mothership. This past evening must have been some formal or dance or something. We had to come back to campus to pick up The Husband's power supply that he forgot at work. There was a TON of these girls crossing the road paying absolutely no attention to the fact they were blocking traffic. When it came time for us to go, I did rev the engine a little. Seeing as I have Vance and Hines pipes, It had the desired effect. The Husband says he saw one girl jump back on the curb. There's a slogan "Loud Pipes Save Lives". Basically the theory is that since folks apparently can't see a Motorcycle, by god we'll make it so they HEAR it. If Samuel L. Jackson has a Motorcycle, it doesn't have stock pipes.

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September 9, 2004

Our Musical Setup Today Is...

I've had this one rattling around in my head for a while but been to busy to organize my thougts into a coherent post but here goes...

The Husband and I were warming our bikes this morning when The Neighbor's alarm went off....again. I think this guy has it set so that if a gnat flies within 50 feet his alarm goes off. It's not just one of those annoying ones that makes the loud WEEEAHHH noise....OH NO! It SPEAKS! It proclaims: "Intruder! Intruder! Please, step away from the building!" then makes several different types of annoying noises. This has been happening a lot lately. I love it when it happens at 10:00 at night when I'm trying to get to sleep.'s fun.

Another normal occurance is a piece I like to call: Symphony in Barks, Yips, and Howels by The Neighborhood Dogs. I think what happens is someone lets their dog out for the morning tinkle or whatever and it immediately has to know what went on the previous evening. Something someone (I can't remember who) called Pongoing. From the Disney flick 101 Dalmations. We walk outside to head to work and we're surrounded by various doggy voices. There's usually a repeat performance in the afternoon in case you missed the original production.

On another topic. I bought a violin. I can't find someone to teach me how to play the darn thing. I was going to check out this place called Riks Music Garden which proclaims to teach a lot of things including Violin and Voice, both of which I'd like to learn. I find the website. I get excited. I call the number....and find out it's out of service. I stop by. No one is there. I go next door to Riks Music to ask why. They only see folks by appointment. Oh well Rik, you just lost some business. If anyone knows of someone who teaches Voice and/or Violin in my area, send em on.

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September 1, 2004

Cartoon Violence

This is the most truly disturbing thing I've ever seen. Shoo small children (and oversensitive adults) out of the room before watching.
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Niftiness abounds

The Husband recently setup a blog for some friends. I've been frequenting it quite a bit lately if only to live vicariously through them. It's interesting what one can "experience" by reading someone else's blog. I read The Husband's all the time but that doesn't really count since he shares all that stuff with me anyway. I read my friends' blog and it's like I almost know what it's like to fly a kite, or sit around with the guys, or be offended.

All three of them are all so...well...eloquent. I just can't write like they can. I feel like, in comparison, I'm just a "Look at me!!" blogger. Should I care? As of now, I've decided not to. I'll just post when I have something interesting to say or add. Who knows. Hopefully someone will read it.

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