November 11, 2003

To Kanji or not to Kanji

So, The Husband and I are trying to learn japanese. I thought, hey, we'll learn it the same way we learned English, hear and repeat. Then we'll learn to read and write it. Ummm, that didn't quite work out. So, he found this neat website that has this game you can download to teach you kanji. I'm going through it madly scribbling this symbol and that and trying to defeat the slimes. It occurs to me that I should probably learn how to properly write the symbols. So I go to my good friend Google and search for Kanji. Among the sites I find is this one, which I find immensely amusing. Especially since they actually show where one person got Stupid American tattooed on their body thinking it said something else (Not much better really). That just struck me as funny. I'm thinking I'm going to have to get one of those Kanji writing kits. Then again, the more research I do, the more I find I have to learn. Apparently the art of writing Kanji or Japanese Calligraphy is called Shodou. It's actually quite fascinating. Wish me luck.

Poker night went well. Fun was had by all even though money was had by few. K and T ended up with most of the money I think. The Husband and I broke about even when our piles were put together. Maybe a little less.

Thursday was our first class with the new instructor, Master Kim (I'm probably spelling his name wrong). We only had him for about an hour but I already have a tremendous amount of respect for him. He's going to make us work for our belts and I think that's great. It was actually kind of funny. He asked us to do some real basic things like punching and front stretch and snap kicks. He just got this look on his face and said "You're bad, I'm not going to lie. We have a lot of work to do." But he didn't have a condescending tone in his voice or anything. It was more like, well, now I have to undo all the bad habits you've learned so far. It's gonna rock.

Remind me of that comment a few weeks down the road when I'm cursing his name because he's wearing us out. ;-)

I've also been reading this little book The Husband found called Dojo Wisdom by Jennifer Lawler. It's an awesome book. I reccomend that ALL women read it. Wow. That's all I can say.

And my first attempt at my own firking icon:

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November 3, 2003

...aaaaaand the Algae is down for the count!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. My Halloween plans went right in the toilet but we managed to salvage it into a mildly enjoyable evening. The Husband and I forgot to get candy again this year so we didn't do the whole give little children candy thing. I hear from my neighbors though that we didn't miss much, 4 kids tops. Apparently a lot of the churches around the area have taken to doing stuff for halloween. I can't say I blame them. These days you have to be careful. Heck, my parents would send me out with a bunch of kids and a pillowcase. The only admonition we got was to let them check our candy before we ate any of it. We stayed out for HOURS. It was a pedophile's dream. Heck, we'd empty our pillowcases and hit OTHER neighborhoods. We ate that candy for MONTHS. Well, until mom found our stash and sent it to the great beyond. My dad always liked halloween too because he got all the candy we didn't like like those black jellly beans Yuck. My dad loves that stuff. Then there was the nurse that lived down the street that handed out apples. We went anyway though, because she was nice. After the whole "Argh, they're gonna put razorblades in your candy!!" thing, she started handed out toothbrushes. Eh, she was a bit out of the way anyhow.

My next door neighbor would by generic candy for the bulk of the kids but she would make "special bundles" for those of us she knew. It was about the size of a softball and had TONS of stuff in it. The stuff our mom would never let us get at the store. She was a big hit.

Heck, I remember when dad would go with us, it was great because he would pull us all over creation in our little red wagon. He never seemed to get tired. Of course, he was out there with a bazillion other dads cause the moms were at home handing out the candy or they had newborns in adorable outfits that they HAD to show off. My sister and I never got that. They couldn't eat the candy and they sure as heck couldn't enjoy the evening. Ehh, I'll give them my toothbrush, they never go bad (at least not until you use them).

So, good news all around on the fish front. Algae was taking over my tank at home. $6.25, a good cleaning, a filter replacement, and algae killer later, all is again crystal clear in Yosho's (the red one's) fish house. Kagato's (the blue one, at work) fish house was due for a cleaning just because he doesn't have a filter. It was a little cloudy, but not bad. He's swimming around all happy now.

NinjaWife: 1
Algae: 0

Take that you loser. (Mental note: Cut back on the betta bites...)

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