October 30, 2003

10 days left...

So, I login to DAOC this morning, thinking the same thing I was thinking yesterday. I get settled, working on my trade skill and what to my wondering eyes should appear but another firking message saying the servers will be going down in 15 minutes, find a safe place and logout. Really folks, come ON.

So the leg feels better today. The shot I got to help my poison ivy had ummm, side effects. I was pretty much down for the count last night. Major suckage. On the up side, it is definitely better today although my face feels like it's on fire. I'm going to get a t-shirt that says "I was in a bar fight, don't ask" to try to quell the "what happened to you?" questions.

My fishies are doing well. My tank at home got all cloudy so I think I need to change the filter or get some algae killer or something. I cleaned the tank and changed the water but as soon as I turned the filter back on it clouded back up. Great, another trip to PETsMART.

-The NinjaWife

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October 29, 2003

I like to call it the "Half Moon"

So my life is over all miserable right now. I have poison ivy all over the right side of my face, my eye is swollen, and I look like I've been in a bar fight. (Coincidentally, that's been my explanation for the inevitable "Oh my gosh! What happened to you??!!") To top it off, my leg got kicked pretty hard in my Tae-Kwon-Do class last night. It hurt so bad I almost threw up...almost. I detest throwing up so I fought it like a champ.

It feels much better today but I wanted to make sure nothing was cracked or broken so I limped to the doctor. He gave me a shot in the butt (They SAY hip but they really mean butt), left cheek by the way, and sent me to have X-rays taken. I'm laying there, hugging my little lead kleenex (Gotta protect those ovaries!) and she says, "OK, just roll over on your left side and (bend your leg in an indredibly painful position). Good, now hold that." So I'm grimacing from the pain in my leg AND the pain in my left cheek from aforementioned shot.

Turns out it's just muscle bruising. Oi, it hurts. The poison ivy hasn't really gone down yet, but it will. Now if I can just make it stop ITCHING!!

On the happier side of things, my friend's fish has returned from the dead! you can read her blog for more details. Personally I think he should be renamed Lazarus. YAY!

So, I finally get to work and I think, "Hey, I can multitask. I'll login to DAOC, work on my skills while I do regular work!" Best of both worlds right? WRONG. Servers are down AGAIN. So, like a good little girl, I check out the server status page for info on when they'll be back up. It says it's up and two people are playing. So, why can't I connect? Hmmmm...11 more days folks.

-The NinjaWife

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October 28, 2003

Life is short but the bed is long

So, I bought Dark Age of Camelot thinking, "I'll play the 30 day free trial and if I like it, I'll sub but if I don't, I'm only out $20.00." Well, just about every time I've gone to get on, the stupid servers are down for this or that reason. It's really pissing me off. I have 12 days left on the trial. Either they shape up or I'm out.

So, I finally have all the pieces for my costume. No vinyl and the boots aren't that tall but hey, close enough right?

Last night's Poker Night (tm) was...different. We started using a standard betting system. I did well, I made $2.70. The Husband donated $5.00 to the cause, which was distributed to all other parties. I think the big winner for the night was the umfriend. She walked away with a little over $3.00 in winnings. Girl Power!

So, I broke down and bought a cheapy tank and brought one of my bettas to work. The blue one was biting the scales off the red one. Co-existence...over. He seemed bummed when he was first moved from the 2.5 gallon tank to the 2.5 quart one but he's adapted. My friend's betta has gone to the big fishbowl in the sky. My condolances dear.

So, I need to actually name my fish. I've been calling them "the red one" and "the blue one". I was thinking about George and Bill but that seems to bland. I also don't want to equate them with such losers. Then I thought about Yosho and Kagato. The blue one would definitely be Kagato. I dunno, opinions? Ideas? I'm open here.

So, I found this neat quiz:

Riyo - "Logical Change"

What would your Japanese name be? (female)
brought to you by Quizilla

One of my cats is named Ryo...is it fate?

-The NinjaWife

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October 21, 2003

Now with a word of the day!

Since becoming the owner of fish, I've become fascinated by them. Not just bettas but fish in general. I found the insaniquarium again and spent more than a little time playing.

I just gave up and took the divider out of the tank. They were both on the same side anyway. I would put one or the other back on the other side but they'd wait until I turned my back and squip right back they went. So far they've co-existed rather well. The blue one keeps posturing to the red one and the red one just runs away. I say posturing but it really is the most half harted posturing I've seen from bettas. He only puffs out one gill and swish his tail a bit but that's it. They've got two and a half gallons of water and two plants to hide behind so I figure they'll be okay until I give in and get a cheapy bowl and bring one of them to work.

Poker night was fun. The Husband and I went to a friend's ""umfriend's" loft (below street level oddly enough). I think I was the big winner walking away with a little over $8 in winnings. Hoody Hoo!

So, I'm sitting in the HelpDesk here at work which we share with two other departments. This room is smaller than the bedroom in a one bedroom apartment. We're crammed in here at times. Anyway...so the person that's assigned to pull the other department's shift has his girlfriend come in. They're practically having sex right in front of me. I can't hear what the customers are saying over the phone over the kissy noises. It's disgusting. I mean, I'm all for intimacy but come on folks...get a room or go home. At least go to an office and shut the door.

-The NinjaWife

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October 20, 2003

Firking windows...

So I had this beautiful blog, all written and ready to post....and what happens? Windows goes tits up. Thanks Bill, thanks for reaffirming my decision to purchase a Mac for my home computing needs. It runs beautifully, when it updates, my machine doesn't come to a screeching halt, I don't have to reboot every hour for some inane reason, and it just works. It's kinda like you take for granted how good it feels to not be sick until you're worshiping the porcelain god. Lemme tell ya, I LOVE my Mac.

Soooo anyway. Where was I before this rant began? Oh yeah, my weekend.

I bought two bettas this weekend. Yes yes, I know that you can't put two males in the same tank because they'll fight. I thought I'd be clever and get a tank that has a divider in it so they could co-exist happily. BOY was I wrong. Lemme tell ya, those guys are like little Houdinis. I don't know if they're jumping over the divider or if they're finding a little slot on one side or the other that they can squeak through or what, but they're doing it. So far, I still have two. More news on that front as it develops. Maybe I should get an iSight so we can have a fish-cam....hmmm, I'll have to ask The Husband about that.

-The NinjaWife

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