June 30, 2003

The seventh sign

Yes folks, it has happened. I was actually downright spry this morning. It was creepy.

I started taking the reigns of my finances this weekend. So far so good. I'm thinking about getting money out and keeping it in my wallet just to see if I can carry it without spending it. Hmm, maybe not. Baby steps here...

So, I'm hoping that the vitamins are what's making me more, well, happy lately. For the first time, I didn't dread coming to work and I didn't feel like I was sleeping my life away. Here's hoping I can keep it up.

-The Wife

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June 27, 2003

Vitamin anyone?

So yesterday was a pretty bad day. I was crashing pretty hard. I wish I knew what I was crashing from. Had head booting class, loved it, it put everything into perspective. The Husband and I had a long talk and settled some issues that had been secretly bugging both of us for a while. I'm telling you folks, talking to your spouse does wonders. We had a lovely evening after our chat.

I'm sleepy all the time and I think a chemical imbalance is what makes me eat everything in sight so I started taking a multivitamin. Day one, no noticable change, but hey, it's the first day right? Wish me luck.

-The Wife

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June 26, 2003

Ugh, it's morning

I used to be a morning person, really I did. Now I'm more of a 2-ish person. This morning I was all spry, I was up and getting dressed, moving around. Great, I'm thinking, I'll be on time to work today....then I woke up. Late as usual. Why can't I be the morning person I once was?

-The Wife

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June 25, 2003


So The Husband and I went to head booting class last night (Tae Kwon Do if you're curious) and we get the Grand Master's daughter as our teacher. She's nice and all but she's a third degree black belt...and we're yellow belts...there's a bit of a learning curve. Anyway, she has us doing all these kicks and stuff while moving across the room. The Husband and I haven't done this kind of thing before so a) we suck at the kicks, and b) we don't move the target back fast enough. I'm doing these roundhouse kicks and thought I was going at a good clip but apparently there was a wall that prevented The Husband from moving back any farther and I kicked his knuckles. I laugh at pain...no really.

There's a tiny bruse and it's only sore if I poke it so hopefully by tomorrow night it'll be fine.

Babe, still waiting on that sig icon....

-The Wife

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June 24, 2003

Ummm, yeah

So, I promised to post daily right....um....yeah, I did, didn't you see them? I'm just that good of a Ninja Wife baby, I post so fast you don't even see it.

Still waiting on The Husband to create my sig icon. I'm not getting any younger babe.

He did get me an iPod for our anniversary (yay!) and I got him some really expensive refillable ink pens so he can draw really cool stuff. How about starting with my icon? ;-)

-The Wife

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